Typhoon Morakot Relief Fund

Typhoon Morakot Relief Fund

Dear Members of NCAJA,
As many of you may have already heard from the American news media, last weekend Typhoon Morakot tore through the southeast coast of China and unleashed a deadly path of destruction on the homes of our fellow Chinese. The most severe storm to hit the island this year, Morakot arrived on August 9 with wind speed exceeding 100 miles an hour and has subsequently caused the worst flooding in fifty years. The nearly 8 feet of rainfall accompanying the disaster has swelled rivers, washed away bridges, and spurred landsides that have buried entire villages.
Although the Taiwanese military has slowly and steadily ramped up their rescue efforts, the continuing rainfall and lack of resources needed to reconstruct the region have stranded thousands, killed more than 100 Taiwanese, and left many, many more unaccounted for and trapped without survival provisions. Moreover, while survivors were able to escape the ferocity of the storm through early evacuation procedures, a great bulk are still separated from their families, waiting to be ferried to shelter, have no access to power and water, and have even had their homes and villages destroyed altogether.
It is important that we, as members of the National Chinese American Jewelry Association, lend a helping hand to the continuing rescue efforts needed to reconstruct the region many of us have once called home. The recovery process for these villages, many of which we have ancestral connections and have personally visited with our families, will be long and arduous. However, together we can alleviate the shortage of food, water, and shelter available to the natural disaster’s survivors, already suffering from the unrelenting rain and loss of their family members, homes, and livelihoods. A donation on behalf of NCAJA will undoubtedly improve the lives of Typhoon Morakot’s victims and strongly signal that their American cousins are not standing idle towards their tragic plight. Please join us and your fellow NCAJA members in contributing to the Typhoon Morakot Relief Fund to provide emergency supplies for our less fortunate Chinese brothers and sisters abroad. Thank you in advance for your compassion, generosity, and helping hand.
相信您已穫悉莫拉克颱風肆虐台灣, 72小時之內暴雨8英呎,涓涓細流,轉眼間成了滾滾黃河,舉目儘是山崩土流,斷橋坍方,道路柔腸寸斷。
我們的故鄉, 家園殘破,滿目瘡痍.
重建家園安頓流民是眼下家鄉父老全力以赴的要務,海內外也普遍發揚人飢已飢,人溺已溺.捐款賑災. 在台灣,短短五小時之內就募集了上億的台幣捐款, 然而災情嚴重 仍不免杯水車薪.
朋友們! 我們在此誠懇的邀請您一起慷慨解囊,伸出援手, 救助我們失去家園的同胞.





副 總 領 事 郝 曉 飛 (中), 會 長 王 盛 偉 (右二), 副 會 長 王 宏 為 (右一), 常 務 理 事 王 家 祥 (左一), 前 會 長 彭 敷 雅 (左二)

美 國 華 人 珠 寶 商 會   (National Chinese American Jewelry Association)  21 日 交 付 五 萬 元 捐 款 支 票 給 中 國  駐 紐 約 總 領 館 ,由 副 總 領 事 郝 曉 飛 ( 中 ) 代 收 , 作 為 協 助 四 川 地 震 災 區 重 建 。會 長 王 盛 偉 (右 二 ) 表 示 ,目 前 四 川 災 區 最 重 要 的 就 是 學 校 重 建,希 望 善 款 能 夠 全 數 投 入 重 建 學 校 作 業 , 以 專 款 專 用 的 方 式 重 建 校 舍 ,讓 學 生 可 以 盡 快 復 學 ,而 受 到 心 理 創 傷 的 學 生 更 需 要 健 全 的 心 理 輔 導 , 這 方 面 也 是 災 後 必 須 長 時 間 持 續 進 行 的 重 建 工 程。郝 曉 飛 表 示 ,捐 款 將 轉 交 災 區 專 用 於 學 校 重 建 工 程 ,對 商 會 捐 款 表 示 最 衷 心 的 感 謝。





July 22, 2008

Dear NCAJA members,

Thank you for your generous donation to the Sichuan Earthquake Relief Fund.  Your support will certainly be of great benefit to those in need.

We received an overwhelming response in the last few months and raised over $30,000.00 from our members. In addition, our association also made some donations to help in this event, bringing funds raised to $50,000.00  We gave the check directly to the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in New York on July 21, 2008.

Attached please find the receipt from the Chinese Consulate General in New York for your record. Once again, thank you so much for your compassion, kindness and generosity.

Yours sincerely,

Leo Wong

President of NCAJA